Evolving Telehealth Solution

Improve Care Delivery & Boost Productivity

Our Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solution is a more straightforward and complete telehealth alternative to address the critical pain points of different stakeholders of the healthcare system. It allows the exchange and flow of information from the patient's health device (outside of a hospital) to the clinical personnel such as physicians, nurses, and paramedics. RPM not only assists in monitoring the patients' medical conditions, prevent medical crises and hospital re-admissions, but in addition, helps people to access preventative and specialized medicine.

Comprehensive remote care management solution for:


With our personnel population and capability to manage health, we can help enhance disease management, maintain ratios, hold on to members, and lessen risks.

Centre Based

We boost the effectiveness of home visits via telehealth and vitals set to keep track of patient's in course of time between one visit and another.

Home Based

We allow nurses to keep track of and measure vital signs through devices permitting nursing homes to provide regular support.

How Does It Work?

With well-suited handling devices, we wirelessly connect to measure and record your vital health data. E.g., activity trackers, BP monitors, pulse rate.

Your health data is scrutinized by us in a safe domain, sending the latest information related to your wellbeing.

Proposed caregivers, clinicians, and relatives are provided your wellbeing data and therefore, are warned in times when attention is required.

Features Of Our Telehealth Platform

Appropriate and effective use of dashboards for the health management of different patients and residents. We help to tailor and individualize consumer-required care. Alerts from the system can be arranged for the incoming data on the dashboard for optimal interruptions and aggravated efficiency.



Receive remote consultation from certified nurses and doctors in times of need.


Care Management

Completely configurable care plans to cater to different groups of users


Interactive Dashboards

Dashboards are developed and devised in a way that they give more control to the user and are role-based for user interaction.



Make use of the adaptive questionnaire to inspect any patient’s condition with the aid of the scoring system



Healthcare professionals can plan activities and forthcoming tasks for patients and arrange the appointments as reminders as well.


Panic Notifications

The patients under aged care can use the settings to get and call for help with the aid of a panic button.

Features Included in Mobile Application

Standard vitals measurement can be performed remotely with the use of manual or connected measuring equipment. Users may complete precise surveys, and nurses can perform the evaluations. Our app forwards all the required information to the healthcare provider.


Authenticated Questionnaires

Responding to a set of questionnaires will help you toobtain a finer evaluation of health conditions.


Vitals Collection

You can collect the essential vitals with ease through mobile, wirelessly, with a smooth interaction.


Realistic Visits

Get in touch virtually with the care providers with your mobile device with the aid of the teleconsult facility.


Reminders & Notifications

Be sure never to miss an appointment with scheduled reminders and notifications on forthcoming health monitoring and other planned tasks.


Nurse App

With the appropriate use of secure one-touch authentication, nurses can gather vitals for multiple patients or residents.


Associated Education

The remote patient management system permits people to know about their health condition, recommends health tips, and much more.

Chronic Care Management With RPM

Education & Activities

  • Care Tips
  • Audio-Visual Content
  • Inactive Alerts
  • Step Count

Vitals Management

  • Vital Tracking & Management
  • Elucidate Customizable Threshold
  • Depict Required Vitals & Time Period
  • Analysis

Health Check-ups

  • Reminders
  • Investigating Mapping
  • Simplified Interface
  • Uploading Documents


  • Constancy to Plan
  • Constancy to Diet Plan
  • Constancy to Medication
  • Social & Lifestyle

How Will It Impact Your Business?

Appropriate and Smart interventions for effective and rational care with increased operational cost savings.


Enhanced Home Visits

Extend home visits to professional health care specialists with quick vital-collection and telehealth.


Decreased Operational Cost

Without increasing any type of infrastructure or staff, acquire the ability to serve more patients.


Reduced Risk

Enhanced detection of symptoms and interventions lessen the need for hospitalization.


Improved Outcomes

Dynamic and appropriate interventions to facilitate improved care.

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