Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a program which targets to improve the overall wellbeing of all employees, such as emotional, mental and general psychological. It also provides services for immediate family members. The goal of this program is to make provision for interventions that are preventive and dynamic, so that any problems that may be disadvantageous for performance and the wellbeing, can be detected and identified at the earliest. These problems may be related to relationships, health, trauma, substance abuse, gambling and other forms of addictions, financial problems, depression, anxiety disorders, psychiatric disorders, communication problems, legal and coping with change and many other issues.

healthier culture

Healthier cultures created with social connection packs

Doctor360 has made a Good Day Every Day pack in which practical tools and tips are used in order to promote face to face social connection. This makes the employees more involved and hence the workplace becomes more encompassing at all the levels.

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healthier mind pack

Healthier Minds pack that support mental wellbeing

Doctor360 aims to support mental wellbeing. For this, we have designed a gift bag which is full of goodies. It aims to encourage the workers to take a break from their work schedule so that their mental wellbeing is enhanced.

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motivational speaker

Motivational Speakers that provide support to build Healthier minds.

A one hour presentation where in health and wellbeing is promoted by sharing personal and professional experiences. Audiences can ask questions at the end of each session in the Q&A session to help foster better understanding.

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mental health wellbeing

Mental and wellbeing seminars that support healthier minds

We provide sessions which are customized based on the requirements of your organization. These sessions can be delivered to the entire organization, or particular employees groups or teams, or to the management.

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health seminar

Health seminars

We arrange seminars related to women health, Men‘s health, family health and importance of exercise and nutrition. This seminars aim to promote physical mental and emotional wellbeingof employees as well as their families.

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Sun safety care packs that lead to development of healthier bodies.

Doctor360 provides sun safety health packs. This pack includes sun screen and a Sundicator which is a UV sticker used to measure the effectiveness of sunscreen, and also provide information on how to protect oneself when working under the sun and stay hydrated.

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garmin activity trackers

Garmin activity trackers that lead to developing healthier places.

Doctor360 offers Garmin activity trackers at a very economical price for our corporate clients. We have a variety of Garmin models, sizes and colors as per availability.

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Workstation health pack that lead to building healthier work places

Doctor360 provides workstation health packs that promote physical movement throughout the day and also a guide that explains how one can adjust the workstation or desk to suit his/her individual requirement.

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hygiene health pack

Hygiene Health packs that promote health and hygiene

Doctor360 provides hygiene health packs that help people pay heed to daily activities like washing hands properly and thoroughly, cleanliness of worksurfaces and importance of staying hydrated.

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flu vaccination vouchers

Vouchers for flu vaccination

Now with Doctor360 you can purchase flu vaccination vouchers for your employees. This can be purchased as an additional to on sit vaccination or as an alternative. With this, the employees can conveniently get themselves vaccinated whenever they want at a participating location.

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building healtheir place

Healthier places check in tool

Doctor360 will provide you with a report that shows the areas that can be modified at your workplace to enhance psychological and environmental aspects with a group of selected representatives from you organization. We work on six important areas like tobacco, and alcohol control, nutrition, promotion of mental and physical health and protection from sun. We help make recommendations for amendments for improvements in the future as well.

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health pack

Healthy eating care pack.

The contents of healthy eating care pack have been designed by Doctor360’s health and dietitian team. Through this pack we aim to encourage people to have healthy eating habits. This pack includes a guide to a healthy plate, weekly meal planner, fact sheet and a cooler bag.

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health content fact sheets

Fact sheets that show health content

Doctor360 provides fact sheets and posters related to importance and maintenance of mental health, nutrition, fitness, and relationships. These are available in a print or digital format. This information related to health can be used to support other health and wellbeing services as a part of health resource library of your own organization.

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functional movement assessments

Assessment for promotion of functional movement

Doctor360 provides a 15 minute onsite assessment by a well experienced and qualified physiotherapist or exercise physiologist, who will provide information on areas that participants should keep a check on, different exercise options, and also provide information how participants can seek help from a medical professional, if a particular issue is affecting them.

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musculoskeletal screenings

Provision of musculoskeletal screening

Doctor360 provides a 15 minute onsite assessment by a well experienced and qualified physiotherapist or exercise physiologist, who will provide information on areas that participants should keep a check on, different exercise and stretch options, and also provide information how participants can seekhelp from a medical professional, if a particular musculoskeletal issue is affecting them.

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wellness event

Wellness Events

Doctor360 provides workplace engagement initiatives, group information sessions, individual consultations, interactive elements, supporting resources and giveaways designed to promote wellness.

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telephonic coaching

Provision of telephonic coaching

Doctor360 provides support in a wide range of conditions like diet and nutrition, smoking cessation, sleep management, and stress and resilience. It includes 2-6 phone calls and follow up through emails,that provide the necessary additional information.

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online health assessment

Provision for Online Health Assessment

We conduct a survey and provide a detailed report regarding the current needs of the organization and also provide recommendations for future.

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abs from work

Winter care program

With Doctor360’s winter care program, you can help your employees understand the importance of flu vaccination, protection against different types of flus with the aid of vaccination, education regarding healthy lifestyle habits, and preparation for winter.

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health insurence

Provision for corporate health insurance

• With Doctor360 you can set up corporate health plans which prove very beneficial for your employees. Your employees will get the following benefits
• Hospital and extra cover for domestic employees and overseas visitors. They will get insurance whether they are young or mature. Health insurance will be given to singles, couples and the families.
• Through Doctor360’s consultants, employees will be guided through the joining process by group or one on one presentations as and when needed.
• Easy access to our national network hospital and extra providers that help reduce your expenses.
• Workplace health solutions customized to meet the requirements.

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ucopea seminars

UCOPEA seminarsfor Change management

With our UCOPEA Seminars your employees can learn ways to manage thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors to enhance their energy and overall being. These presentations are delivered in a way that they engage the employees with a question and answer session I the end. These seminars are delivered by experts and are based on the principle of Positive Psychology.

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abs from work

Nutrition solutions content pack & cooking demonstrations

You can promote healthy eating habits in your employees at the workplace with our Nutrition solutions content pack & cooking demonstrations. With this pack you will be able to access a wide range of resources that can be displayed in the café and kitchen in order to promote healthy eating.

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health check

Health Check Facilities

Doctor360 provides onsite checks by experienced and qualified nurse. The appointers last for 10-30 minutes as per the health needs of the workplace. During this checks blood glucose, and cholesterol levels and physical and mental wellbeing factors of the employees are checked. It required, participants are advised to visit a GP. Also professional health advice will be given to participants and also guidance will be provided to set short term health goals.

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ergonomic desk assessments

Assessments for Ergonomic desk

A physiotherapist or exercise physiologist will individually visit people at their workstations and consult them and review their work station set up and advice will be provided on spot adjustments. Also advice regarding healthy postures and movement patterns will be given in order to avoid musculoskeletal problems. All this is customized based on the requirement of the environment of the workplace

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skin check

Provision of Onsite Skin Check facility

Doctor360 offers onsite skin check at two levels
• A 10 minutes examination of sun exposed areas of face, hands, forearms or elbows.
• A 15 minute full body check.
These skin examinations prove very beneficial for the detection of any skin diseases like skin cancer which can be cured with early detection.

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team challenge

Team Challenge

Doctor360 provides a challenge which is app based and easily integrates with a wide range of devices including Garmin, Apple Watch, Fitbit and Smart Phones. It will be a virtual journey for the employees along with their colleagues which will aim at fostering promoting physical and mental wellbeing. Throughout this challenge, the employees will be encouraged to get engaged, and win irrespective of their fitness level.It aims to promote wellness events that take place at the workplace.

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click healthier option

Clickfit- promotes health at your organization

We provide an interactive program that enables the employees to meet their own health and fitness goals. Based on the requirements, weekly plans, and videos by experts, menus etc. are provided. All this enable the participants to manage their journey towards success. Regular updates and messages that encourage the participants and motivate them to bring about a positive change in their life and adopt better lifestyle habits, are received by participants.

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health masage

Massage Facilities

Participants will be given neck, back and shoulder massage by highly experienced and certified therapists. These services can be provided at specified appointment time with massage chairs provided in a private room for 10 minutes or 15 minutes or 30 minutes.

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meditation mental stress mgt

Meditation Workshops that promote mindfulness, mental wellbeing and stress management

Group sessions held for 45-60 minutes with the participants seated on the floor without any equipment other than a towel or mat if required. The participants are encouraged to practice meditation so that they can experience the benefits of meditation.

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physical exercise classes

Physical exercise classes

Classes that promote physical exercises are held before or after working hours or during break to promote physical wellbeing. These classes include run/walk challenge, yoga, Zumba, circuit class etc

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develop better life skills

Development of better life skills for a healthier workforce

Videos, case studies, fact sheets and quizzes are provided that take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete are provided to support, empower and inform employees about their personal wellbeing and getting the most out of life.

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culture training

Training for healthy cultures

This program helps strengthen employee connections, increase value and productivity of the organization through sessions that can be delivered at lunchtimes over 6-8 weeks.

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nutrition videos

Nutritional videos

Doctor360’s team of Accredited Practicing Dietitians have developed videos that focus on the healthy eating and provide information about barriers to healthy eating, healthy eating based on budget and tasty mid-week meals.

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nutrition seminar

Seminars that promote nutrition

We provide interactive 60 minute seminars. These seminars provide information regarding different varieties of food and importance of physical activity to your employees understand the importance of good health.

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eating consulation

Consultations that promote healthy eating

Consultations that last for 15-20 minutes are given to employees by dietitians. The dietitians provide personalized nutrition advice and encourage the employees to bring about positive and healthy changes in them and their family.

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wellness in just phone call away

Just a phone call to reach wellness

Through this program participants can receive one-on-one telephone health coaching by qualified and experienced coaches who deal with health issues and encourage people to improve their health by providing advice related to diet and nutrition, how to quit smoking, sleep management and stress management.

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