Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Services Packages

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a program which targets to improve the overall wellbeing of all employees, such as emotional, mental and general psychological. It also provides services for immediate family members. The goal of this program is to make provision for interventions that are preventive and dynamic, so that any problems that may be disadvantageous for performance and the wellbeing, can be detected and identified at the earliest. These problems may be related to relationships, health, trauma, substance abuse, gambling and other forms of addictions, financial problems, depression, anxiety disorders, psychiatric disorders, communication problems, legal and coping with change and many other issues.

mental health wellbeing

Money Assistance by Doctor360

We provide assistance and coaching to enable you to achieve an improved state of financial well-being. Finance is an important part of life. Many issues related to finance may occur in life like marriage, buying and selling house, retirement, sudden expenses. Our money assistance service by doctor360 completely understands the pressure and stress that is created by various financial issues.

These issues not only affect the individual but also create a pressure on the family. They affect the overall well-being of an individual. We provide training regarding practical planning in a manner which is easy to understand by you. We also provide support for difficult situations. We provide this service via telephone and do not endorse any products or any financial organization. This service enables you to understand, be aware and plan to move ahead in life.

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trauma Assist

Trauma Assistance by Doctor360

Trauma Assistance by Doctor360provides onsite trauma assistance and support and coaching regarding risk management after any incident that takes place at the place of work. Trauma assistance by doctor360 provides immediate response after any traumatic incident. Our service is available on all days of the week at any time and on all days of the year, even on public holidays and Sundays.

Our trauma assistance team comprises of highly qualified and experienced psychologists who have extensive training of case management regarding any ongoing incident. The special features are:
* 24/7 coverage
* Complete support for employees who have suffered during traumatic incident.
* Assured response time and plan of action
* Individual support or group support, whichever is required
* Dynamic approach that enables the employees return to their workplace.

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change work

Assistance for Change at Work by Doctor360

Assistance for Change at Work by Doctor360 provides assistance to individuals, teams and organizations to manage change and restructuring. With this advancing world, workplaces are undergoing continuous changes in order to improve with the evolving technologies, keep up to the customer demands and achieve development and growth. Workplaces are undergoing constant changes and these changes are sometimes small and sometimes large.

Assistance for changes at work by Doctor360 provides training in the form of change program and training program for employees and managers. We provide support and training for the employees so that they can cope up and survive with the change. Our programs can be customized according to your individual, team and organizational requirement. We understand that organizational change can prove beneficial only when the needs of the employees are managed and supported.

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Development Work

Assistance to Achieve Dignity at Work by Doctor360

Assistance to Achieve Dignity at Work by Doctor360 provides support to help achieve improved courteousness and nobility in the workplace. One of the major challenges that work places face are oppression and harassment. Researches show and have proved that one out of five employees have face harassment at work place. This leads to heavy losses to the organization.

The employees remain absent which leads to loss of productivity and decrease in turnover. These problems harm the reputation of the organization. They organization may also have to deal with compensational claims and legal claims. We aim to build workplace where dignity are respect are foremost important factors with services like:
* Training for employees, managers and HR maintaining dignity at work
* Hotline where any type of bullying can be reported immediately
* Coaching for decisive conversation
* Officer training to deal with workplace harassment
* Dealing with sexual harassment at workplace
* Surveys that study and analyze behaviors of employees

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Conflict Work

Assistance to Resolve Conflict at Work by Doctor360

Assistance to Resolve Conflict at Work by Doctor360 provides advice and coaching services in order to enable you to resolve conflicts that arise at workplace. Our services are planned and tailored to meet your organizational needs. Our consultants are trained, skilled and experienced and provide you with complete guidance and support to deal with the different conflicts that arise at workplace. Early intervention is required to deal with conflicts effectively. Our services do just the same. We provide an unbiased and neutral and skilled third party intervention in order to resolve conflicts and boost the morale and productivity of individuals, team and organization as a whole.

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mental wellbeing

Assistance to Achieve Development at Work by Doctor360

Assistance to Achieve Development at Work by Doctor360 provides assistance to enhance the capability of individuals, teams and organizations. The results that are achieved by an organization are dependent completely on the individuals that work in that organization. Better results are achieved by the individuals that are committed and engaged in their work.

Our services enable the employees learn new skills and techniques and develop better capabilities. Development at Work services by Doctor360 provide coaching and consultation services for individual, teams and organizations in order to facilitate and enhance capability at all the levels. With this service employees are better engaged in their work. Also these services help reduce absenteeism and hence increase productivity and innovation. We provide
Programs that facilitate leadership of managers
Surveys that help to know and understand the opinion of employees
Programs to boost motivation and morale
Programs that help in team building and development
Managing performances to achieve better results

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work life assist

Work and Life Assistance by Doctor360

Work and Life Assistance by Doctor360 provides services like arrangement of seminars that provide plans of action to help you manage the issues at work and in life. With the aid of Doctor360 work/life seminars you can get a better understanding and knowledge of the various issues at work place, boost your life management skills and formulate action plans to improve your understanding and the effectiveness of your work.

Our seminars our carried out in a formal manner, with a question and answer session at the end. We can also provide you with workshops to help you attain higher level of learning and development with the help of discussions, case studies and training.

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win win

Employee Assistance by Doctor360

Personalized counseling and coaching that enables you to manage work and life issues. Doctor360 provides personalized counseling and coaching to the employees and their family members for a wide range of work and life issues related to economy, conflict, relationship, substance abuse, stress, communication, and distress.

This counseling and coaching helps you develop a positive outlook, which in a way boosts your confidence. You can also easily access our team of dieticians who formulate diet plans that provide you with the right amount of nutrition. Our team has the expertise to deal with issues in a supportive and responsive. Employee assistance by doctor360 is a well formulated, quick and focused on solution plan to help people improve their overall wellbeing. If your issues need long term care, then we will refer you to an appropriate professional who is outside our plan so that you receive the care and support you require for a longer duration.

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manager assist

Manager Assistance by Doctor360

We help prepare managers and provide support to help them deal with work place issues successfully. We provide training to managers, in an absolutely confidential manner to enable them to deal with the issues that arrive at workplace constructively. These issues may be related to performance, conflict, and execution of work, distress, communication, and behavior of an individual or an entire team.

This training is conducted by our team of managers who are highly experienced and have a complete knowledge of people management and the issues related to people management. Full-fledged training is provided on particular issues or direct advice is provided on various issues like mental health issues, conflict issues, team management issues and many more. The aim of this training is to help managers formulate strategies that are practical and yield positive results. Doctor360 can provide this manager assistance via telephone, video or either face to face, whichever is preferred by you and can be most helpful and comfortable for you. Manager Assistance by Doctor360 is an extensive service that can be accessed and is available to all managers and team leaders.

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Risk Work

Assistance to Manage and Eliminate Risk at Work by Doctor360

Assistance to Manage and Eliminate Risk at Work by Doctor360 provides assistance to minimize the risks and improve safety and fitness of employees at the workplace. Workplace comprises of different types of people, facing different challenges, working together. There are numerous workplace issues.

These issues may be related to anger, conflicts or substance abuse. These issues not only hinder productivity, but also threaten the safety of work place. They also lead to the accidents and increase in absenteeism. This affects the overall productivity, reputation and turnover of the organization. Doctor360’s Assistance to manage and eliminate risk services help minimize risks by the following services:
* Management of substance abuse
* Audits to manage behavioral risk
* Safety Attitude assessment during recruitment
* Programs to deal with violence and stress
* Fitness for work Assessments
* Wellness Checkups

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Stress Work

Assistance to Manage Stress at Work by Doctor360

Assistance to Manage Stress at Work by Doctor360 provides services that help achieve improved capacity to recover and reduce risk at workplace. Stress is a part of work and life. Some stress is important because it helps employees perform better. This stress is known as positive stress and it paves the way for growth and development.

However sometimes this stress exceeds and goes beyond an individual’s ability to manage it. As a result it starts developing a negative impact on the health, behavior and the capacity to work of an individual. This stress is known as negative stress. This stress leads to the breakdown of interpersonal communication among the employees of the organization. Assistance to Manage Stress at Work by Doctor360 provides help to individuals to manage stress and improve the capacity to recover quickly by following services:
* Recovery training programs for employees, managers and HR
* Individualized Coaching to help deal with stress
* Training to improve and enhance self-management and time management
* Programs that help develop sleep and management strategies

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eap Direct

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) by Doctor360

With Doctor360’s EAP you get 24/7 online assistance and support to deal with different issue at work and also in life. You can accesses this support at any place. EAP by Doctor360 is an online platform with information regarding the various issues that occur at work and in our life. This platform is absolutely secure. It has numerous articles on various topics related to relationships, family management, challenges that occur at workplaces like stress management, and parenting.

Also you can have interactive assessment of your actions, attitudes and performance related to conflict, use of drug and alcohol and your communication skills. We provide this through videos, digital programs, infographics and also financial learning games and modules. This is updated every month and new resources are added every month. EAP by Doctor360 provides a secure, private and confidential online counselling, online assistance for managers and online money assistance. We provide these services in an absolutely personalized and confidential manner for your managers and employees as well as their families rather than a chat room format. You can access these services with an organizational password and then you can set up your own personalized and secure password to use these services. You can create individual logins for yourself and each member of your family. For information regarding organizational password you can directly contact your EAP manager internally.

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